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Types of Jobs In Marketing

There are many roles available to those with a qualification in marketing, and I many cases it seems students are not leaving college or university with a full grasp of the range of careers available to them. In this article we aim to explain various roles within the marketing field with the aim of helping you make your next career decision with more clarity.

Whatever job you take in marketing you will almost certainly be working either for an agency or client side. The majority of graduates and new starters in marketing will start agency side, and many move to client side when they have gained a good level of experience.

A large number of companies outsource their marketing to experts, this is where agency marketing comes in. The agency will often cover every aspect of of the client's marketing strategy for them for a fee, with the aim of promoting and helping to sell their product or service.

There are many different jobs available within a marketing agency. The job of the account manager is to be in place to tie together and manage all the different aspects of the marketing campaign and liase with the client, ensuring they have a full understanding of the work being done on their behalf. The account manager job is available at many levels, from those with little previous experience to Director level

There are also a number of positions within the research team, and interesting branch of marketing where consumer and market research is carried out or located which can assist a current client campaign. This may be by analysing market trends, competitors, or current perception of the client's product or service among other things.

PR - Public Relations is another very important part of agency and client marketing. There are a number of jobs available in the PR department. A job in PR normally means representing the client in the public field at various levels from manager to Director. You will be responsible for managing the information the company gives to the public and the company response to information received from the public. The aim of your efforts is to help convince groups such as the public, shareholder, and employees to feel a certain way about the company, brand, product or service.

Within the client side environment the first job you are most likely to have is as a Marketing Executive, looking after the day to day running of department activities. The job involves a lot of client contact so excellent customer facing skills are essential. From here the roles diversify depending on the industry you are in. You may move up to be a Product Manager, Account Manager, Category Manager, Brand Manager or something else entirely. All of these manager jobs are based around the same structure.

Client side you may end up working one of a huge number of fields from pharmaceutical to art, government to food and drink. Any industry requiring the promotion of it's work, goods or services needs to be heard and the use of in house or agency marketing staff is fundamental in getting a business message heard.

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